Friday, February 3, 2012

Just Something.

This is a poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy it. It is okay if you don't.

Every note you've ever played went into my ear,
Down into the depths of my inner soul,
Made me fall in love with you,
And stuck with me like the echoes of our foes,
That crawls into our chests trying to break the guards of our rest,
At peace with ourselves and without the redemption of Grace,
You’ve made me fall on my face even harder than I imagined humanly possible,
But I laugh because I know that anything is possible,
With the I am. We are, He is, ours.
And only mine.
And every time I close my eyes my heart is unrefined,
But on my knees I am as new as a jewel from the dark mines.
Dark minds clutter the world that they claim as theirs
While we proclaim the good news that we belong to a KING
Have the greatest kingdom ever known and unknown.
The great mystery of the universe, life far out beyond the walls of any sphere.
Yet we are brought back by the simplicity of a smile,
Or the complexity of adoption;
The gravity that keeps us humble seems to be unseen
By eyes so desperate to search for their lives
That they miss out on the true meaning of life found in The Death,
I started this out as love but I am ending it with Agape;
The human who makes me feel alive inspired this fire
That grew a desire for fear: the absence of.
Our collision of spirit and
Inevitable choice of accepting what we didn't choose,
But we would decide even if it weren’t an option.