Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where I'm From

This was a poem I wrote for my Creative Writing class. I started out being unsure of the assignment but looking back at it now, I am really happy I did it. This is just a glimpse of where I'm from...I hope you enjoy! (yes, the cursing was necessary-they are direct sayings my family repeats.)

I am from last minute ideas,
Spring breaks spent by the ocean, and summers on the lake,
I am from getting all dressed up on Christmas Eve,
Just to go miniature golfing in the freezing,
I am from Ryan, Rachael, Caite, and Mackenna,

I am from a string of ghosts; those taken from me far too soon,
I am from a dark past of fists and belts,
The screams of a woman being drown out by my brother’s voice,
The two ghosts most prominent in my history, but never again in my future.

I am from memories being captured,
From my elders being covered in sewer “mud”,
To my brother in diapers sipping on a cold Busch light,
I am from “you’re crazier than an shit-house rat!”
And "We're in Texas now, Shit!"

I am from being on my own,
Taking care of myself, and looking out for others,
Trusting on the notion that no one can be trusted,
I am from being abandoned and lost in the midst of chaos,

I am from the stubbornness of a mule,
To the unconditional love from a mother,
I am from a family that extends far beyond blood,
Friends who’ve been there in my weakest times,

I am from a youth pastor who saw something in a cynical, walled off teenager,
Transformed into a kinder, trusting spirit,
I am from big dreams and small expectations,
I am from a world that likes to be rocked constantly.

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