Friday, January 21, 2011

Distractions, Crazy Love, and Dyslexia.

I have never felt as free than I do now without the distractions of Facebook and Twitter. Okay, that's not true. But really is a freeing feeling. I have had so much more time on my hands that I didn't even know what to do but sit and think about what I could do. Anyway, I do a lot of writing throughout my day and I think I might have a mild case of dyslexia. I mix up the first two letters of most words I type or write. You think I would've grown out of this, or taken notice and focused on getting it right, but I haven't. Seriously if someone counted the times I used the backspace button, they'd be in the thousands in one day.
On another, very serious note, I started reading this book called Crazy Love. My youth pastor said it changed her life, and her opinion is one of the few that I actually respect so I decided to check it out. I'm not that far into it, but it's really awesome. I think that church has become something of a chore to people and not a real community to live and change in. And when I say change, I don't mean give things up in order to please God. I mean that people should have a solid group that keeps them grounded and focused. People to hold them accountable. I think that the most beneficial and useful change people need is a heart and life full of love. It sounds so corny, but I mean it. Love could change the world. It sure changed mine.
A new friend of mine recently pointed out that I am the same as the rest of "these Liberty kids". I had become what I used to be temporarily. That was a real eye opener. I know that I need to change and continue the change. I need to constantly be the person who I know I can be, the person that I was meant to be. I am just trying to find ways to let the real me through in the most radical way possible. As for that new friend, I don't know if they'll ever read this, or if they care enough to know, but I want to thank them for bringing out the new me again.

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