Thursday, January 20, 2011

Step 1: Deletion.

I am doing this thing. I want to get rid of technology from my life. Only temporarily, just to see how different life is. I am not going to Facebook stalk, my many postings to twitter will cease for seven days, and my cellular device will be on me, but I will only use it in the case of an emergency. If you are wondering what brought me to this, I will tell you.
1. Facebook causes drama. I know people say they hate drama, but I really find it pointless.
2. It's such a distraction. I am reading this amazing book (Two Chai Day) but all I can seem to do is wait for a text, or check Facebook, or tweet.
3. This is the real solidifying reason why I chose to do this: my phone charger was in my car.
Yep. That alone sparked the whirlwind of thought of "what would happen without my phone tonight? will someone absolutely need me like I think they might? Without my phone how will I check my many outlets to the real world?" Well, I wouldn't be able to, and that sort of intrigued me. For now, I am left with a house phone for when my out of state best friend needs me, and a door. Wide open to anyone who is willing to knock.
These are my thoughts today. I'm sure tomorrow I will post more about my seven day vacation from social networking, if I don't go crazy from withdraws by then.

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